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Decorate your bedroom or living room with a beautiful table lamp that will help illuminate your space when the overhead lighting is not required. We offer a full range of table lamps to help give your space that extra functional but decorative piece to compliment the colors on the wall.

Artika offers a wide range of table lamps and desk lamps that are perfect for your bedroom, living room or office space. Our table lamps come in traditional forms or you can opt for a modern style lamp. Table lamps and desk lamps have been around for many years and are a staple in the bedroom or office. Originally meant for reading at night or additional lighting while you work. This iconic staple in the bedroom has now transformed into a functional light but at the same time can be used as a decorative piece. The modern table lamp will not only illuminate your room but will create an ambience, bringing together fashion and functionality. Your entire space will be boosted with energy with a well-chosen table lamp and create an attraction that will contribute to a room’s appeal. You also may want to consider an LED table lamp as it has a lengthier lifespan, provides energy savings and emits brighter light. Browse our selection of modern and contemporary table lamps. Contact us today if you have any questions.
Clyde 9-light Pendant
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