Living Room Lighting Fixtures

Living room lighting fixtures make your living room both memorable and help provide lighting to bring out accent colors from your wall and your furniture. The living room is the common area where friends and family gather when they come to visit and is the area where you come home to relax.

Hanging lights for your living room can mimic having a large chandelier but takes up much less space and gives your living room space plenty of lighting fixture options to choose from. There are many styles when it comes to hanging lights for your living room and that is what makes them a popular choice amongst homeowners.

When selecting your hanging lights for your living room you want to consider the size of your space. Larger living rooms light fixtures work better when you have high ceilings, and if you don't have high ceilings then it is best to have hanging lights over a coffee table or an ottoman for example. Either way, you need to choose the hanging light fixture that will provide your living room space with the appropriate illumination it requires.

Hanging light fixtures are great for ambient lighting or task lighting and knowing which one suits your living room space will make choosing your lighting much smoother.

You can choose between a chandelier fixture and a pendant light fixture for your living room space. With chandelier lighting fixtures you can create ambient lighting and chandeliers generally have more bulbs are ideal for illuminating the entire room.

With pendant lighting the real difference between the two is the amount of bulbs used. Generally pendant light fixtures are a single bulb light fixture, making them ideal for task lighting.

Understanding your space and how you want to use your lighting is the first step in choosing the right lighting fixture.

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