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Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

To many homeowners, the kitchen can be considered as a hotspot of creativity in the home. This is where delicious meals are put together and where the inner chef in us all has a chance to shine. Having the right tools, appliances, and fixtures are all part of the basics. But any interior designer or homeowner would know that lighting is often the overlooked (but highly crucial) part of the equation.

Lighting can make or break the aesthetic and feel of a space - especially after the sun sets. You don’t want any gloomy spaces in your house where it’s difficult or unmotivating to do anything. Worst of all, poor lighting can make a space feel eerie and deter people from spending time in that room!

The lighting of a kitchen is indeed the soul of the room - and if you’re reading this article, you are a step closer to having a chic, modern kitchen that will provide comfort and style. So whether you are a professional interior designer or stylish homeowner looking for the latest trend in kitchen lighting, these ideas will brighten up your day.

Let’s get started!

Kitchen Lighting Trend #1: Hints of Modern Industrial Style

Contemporary interior design nowadays takes a lot of elements from industrial design which is raw, edgy, and minimalistic. The main elements of the industrial style include cement, red bricks, metal (especially iron), and wood - it’s all about showing these raw materials. But modern industrial is a little different and far easier to incorporate into an interior that is not purely industrial.

When it comes to lighting options, modern industrial pieces still have an emphasis on metal but we see sleeker metals that are not solely iron - such as soft gold and chrome.  A few popular choices include metal box chandeliers (like the  ), pendant lights (like the Hologram 4-Light Integrated LED Pendant), and track lights (like the Era 4-Light Integrated LED Track Light and Vars 3-Ligth Integrated LED Track Light).

Kitchen Lighting Trend #2: Edison-Style Bulbs for a Warmer Look

Yet another nod to the retro look are Edison-style bulbs. These bulbs are not quite the power-consuming Edison bulbs from the olden days. These are typically LED lights that are made to look like Edison bulbs. But for those who want an authentic retro experience, real Edison bulbs are still out in the market!

Whichever you choose, these bulbs give a warm look to the kitchen and have a unique shape, making them go hand-in-hand with the modern industrial-style chandeliers and pendants. The nostalgic look of these light fixtures adds character and soft beauty to any kitchen space. A few examples of lighting pieces that feature this type of bulb include the box chandelier called the Imperium 9-Light Chandelier and the box pendant called the Clyde 9-Light Pendant.

Kitchen Lighting Trend #3: Clean Lines & LED Lights

One of the defining traits of modern decor is clean lines and forms. Because older lighting pieces tend to have ornate metalwork, they don’t blend well with modern decor.

The modern style is different from the modern industrial style as it is more polished and clean. Lighting fixtures of this style typically do not feature Edison-style bulbs and rarely use iron. Instead, chrome and soft gold are heavily featured.

A few example pieces that fall under the modern style include the series of integrated globe pendants called the Frosted Globe 4-Light Integrated LED Pendant  and the series of integrated cylindrical pendants called the Crystal Nest 3-Light Pendant.

Kitchen Lighting Trend #4: Lighting as a Centerpiece

Currently, there is a trend for bigger, more ornate lighting fixtures in the kitchen. These types of lights do more than just brighten a space, but are conversation pieces and works of art. They bring in the wow factor - and to do so, they are usually large and/or unconventionally shaped. The placement of these lighting fixtures is crucial. The center of the room or above a kitchen island are typical places to put them.

A few examples of these lighting fixtures include the Carter 4-light chandelier with its geometrical and streamlined black-finish shade, the cluster chandelier called the Cosmos LED Chandelier  and the twisted swirl pendant called the Swirl Integrated LED Pendant.

Kitchen Lighting Trend #5: Smart Lighting for Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it’s not always about modern industrial, modern, and statement pieces. For more tech-savvy homeowners, one of the first priorities is to get smart lighting set up. Smart lighting allows for full control over brightness, colour temperature, colour, and even music - all straight from commands on the mobile device or through easy programming.

A couple of examples of smart lighting fixtures with advanced features include the Pluto Artika Smart Wi-FI LED Ceiling Light and the Galaxy LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker.

Where Can I Get Lighting Fixtures For My Kitchen?

Secure the best lighting for your kitchen from a trusted manufacturer. Here at Artika, we ensure nothing but the best for our customers by constantly reinventing home living. We offer innovative, modern lighting solutions for all parts of your home -as well as high-quality sinks and bathroom fixtures. We believe in constant innovation, with our customers at the heart of everything we do. This way, we come up with products that have it all - a chic modern aesthetic, advanced functionality and steadfast durability that is fit for the modern home.

Together, we can transform your home into a modern work of art that supports your lifestyle. Head over to this page to see all that we have to offer for your kitchen. You can also send us any questions you may have by clicking the chat icon on our website.

Clyde 9-light Pendant
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